Do you have a transition plan?

I spent about three hours today making one. It’s not as easy as you’d think.

I was unexpectedly (to me, anyway) assigned to a new project in another division. That means turning about half my work to a junior tech writer in my division. And all those little things you take for granted when things are running smoothly? It takes a long time to capture them. Even when you have good processes in place.

It took me three hours to write down all the basics of the project for her benefit, with all the right SharePoint links, a full catalog of deliverables and status, and a list of tasks and expectations. It will take me another couple hours to go over it with her in person.

Yes, all that information exists out there. Various people on the project could have shown her everything I recorded. But nobody could show her everything or give her the appropriate perspective for the role.

I wish I’d done it organically instead of doing it from scratch on a Saturday. If you’re looking to grow in the near future,  are you also preparing for your own replacement?

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