What do you use for creating online tutorials?

I work for a Web hosting company and am in charge of creating KB articles, online Help, etc. Several times a week, I look at the Support pages for other hosting companies to keep my finger on the pulse, and it looks like online tutorials are very popular. Personally, I think they are over-used. I just find it hard to believe that the average user would sit and watch a three to six-minute demo on how to do really simple, intuitive tasks, like setting up an e-mail account. To me, watching these are almost as tedious as creating them. However, I’ve been told that having them are really good for SEO, so understandably, the powers that be want them. In the past, I have used Captivate, but I’m a solid two versions behind. Recently,  I downloaded and used a trial of the latest version, and definitely liked it better, but I have to justify the cost of upgrading. I have to create a LOT of these things, and am wondering if there’s something out there that I should be looking into instead.

What do you use, and why?


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