Using Styles in Microsoft Word 2010 (Video)

I am currently in a graduate certificate program in Technical Communication, and I was surprised to find out that some students had never been acquainted with Microsoft Word Style Sets!

So, I made a tutorial video and posted it to Youtube. It shows you how to apply styles in Microsoft Word 2010 to turn regular text into an eye-catching report. It could be shorter, but you’re bound to learn something.

Here is the introduction/synopsis:

“The purpose of this tutorial is to show how using the built-in styles of Microsoft Word 2010 can transform simple text into polished, attractive reports. The style bar on the right side of the screen provides an easy means to change heading styles, borders and shading, fonts, colors, and paragraph spacing, and allows the user to keep the appearance of text consistent throughout the document. The options can be modified, and saved as a custom style set that can be used in future documents, or fine-tuned to provide a standard template for collaborative work.

As well, though they are not included in the style bar, the user can add a table of contents and cover page to their documents quickly, and if styles are used they will automatically conform to the colors. font choices, and heading names specified in the document.”


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