Writing is my Passion!

 Brainstorming! A moethodology that is used to gather everything from your mind to a paper. That’s what we studied during our course Technical Writing in BS.
This is my first blog ever, I have written on any forum. I don’t know how to structure a blog even, but I am writing on this forum because I want to receive the comments on my writing style and based on them I want to further enhance my writing skills.
Writing is my passion, I want to be known some day in the good books of technical writers. All these efforts are to make myself a valuable writer.
I want to learn the techniques and skills for becoming a successfull technical writer. Though, I have been working as a Technical Writer since November 2004 and have written documentation for many desktop and web based applications, still want to grasp more and more in this field. That’s it!
Wish me Best of Luck 🙂


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