Wrapping Up!

Hello everyone!

After two great interviews and three blogs, I can honestly say I have learned so much over the past few weeks. I spoke with two great individuals, Dr. Larkin and Mr. Hackett. I was able to get an academic, personal and professional perspective of Technical/Professional Writing. I just wanted to thank you both for taking the time to speak with me.

I want my last blog to be a reflection of what I learned and what I now expect out of this field.

To begin, what I learned the most from both Dr. Larkin and Mr. Hackett is that you need to find it in yourself to be successful in this field. Putting your name out there is completely up to you and you can take it as far as you want to go. Whether it is getting a Masters, certification or an amazing internship that turns into a job, you are the master of your destiny, as Mr. Hackett explained.

One big thing that I learned is also that anyone can enter this field. Whether you are in the medical profession, engineering or business, everyone can use technical/professional writing skills. This explains the ‘hot market’ Dr. Larkin spoke of. Businesses and professionals that work with the public need a way to relate to them in average terms and Technical/Professional writing is how you get there. 

After speaking with Dr. Larkin, I am truly considering getting certified or earning a Masters degree in Professional Writing. With hopes of attending law school one day, having and mastering these writing skills will only help my future and career. You are able to intertwine any field with technical writing.

To answer my initial question, “What are the issues faced when pursuing a career in the Technical/Professional Writing field?”  Both interviews led me to the conclusion that the only obstacle/issue individuals have to overcome is themselves. 

To be more specific, to establish yourself you need to get your name out there and market your skills. Also, to overcome the obstacles/issues of this field, individuals need to work with businesses and other people. As Dr.Larkin discussed, this field does not ask individuals to express themselves but to transmit information. One needs to be able to work hard, have good time management and listen to both the clients and audience to become successful. Degrees and education will get you far enough but you need the professional skills to succeed.

To wrap this all up, I hope all readers learn just as much as I did from these two individual. Just remember: to overcome the obstacles and issues of this field, you just need to work hard and prove that you capable of this type of work and have the desired skills!

Thank you to all my readers and once again, to both Ed Hackett and Gregory Larkin!


Best Wishes,


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