The “Evolution of Help Authoring Tools” Whitepaper released!

Hi folks!


WebWorks has released the third and final whitepaper in a three-part series called “The Evolution of Online Help.”

*Please feel free to post your feedback. I know we our sharing some new views in these papers and we hope to start some interesting discussions.

The first whitepaper, “Social Media, Open Architecture & Mobile Devices,” dissects the need for help authoring tools to evolve to keep up with the emerging trend of the Internet and its users. This critical discussion must be brought to the forefront of the technical communication industry in order to allow our technical communicators to successfully reach end users.


The second whitepaper, “The Changing Role of Technical Communicators,” focuses on the impact of the Internet, social media, and mobile devices on the technical communicator role.


The third whitepaper, “The Evolution of Help Authoring Tools,” discusses how help authoring tools (HATs) have changed significantly in the last forty years, but despite this progress, HAT vendors must continue toward a new paradigm shaped by advances in technology and new formats, the continued rise of the Internet and social media, and the growing ubiquity of mobile devices.


You can click here to download any of the whitepapers:


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