Second Internship

Over the summer, I took on an internship at a really cool company, and they taught me a lot about working with people in a corporate setting. Though this company was a little different than most. On my first day there, I confessed during lunch that I was nervous to come in because I’ve never worked for anyone besides babysitting and delivering newspaper.

One of the guy’s response was, “Ohh boy, you are going to be spoiled here!”

It was a wonderful place to work, and lots of fun projects to work on that made me feel like I actually contributed to the company despite my being an intern.

Now I’m doing my second internship without school’s assistance (the summer internship was for credit.) It was almost the spur of the moment thing, but–as my summer professor said–I was being an opportunistic and driven. I realized I needed something to fill my time on Monday/Wednesday/Fridays as I did not have classes on those days.

I came across an internship opportunity that allowed me to work from wherever I am. The company I’m interning at is just starting, the CEO is gathering a team of people to build up the company. When I applied for the web development position, I stated that I am majoring in Technical Communications and New Media with knowledge of xhtml and CSS and currently learning JavaScript and jQuery. She took me on within days of my application (it was like a whiplash to my face, not even knowing what just happened until I hung up the phone interview.) In addition, she said that if I wish to and if it works out well, I could keep working for her after graduation (I graduate this December). 

This internship will be both different and challenging. I believe that in recent years, the work climate of working from home is growing more popular. This will allow me to have the experience to know what it is like to work in my dorm and do some serious time management.

In my first e-mail containing the tasks that I am to undertake, it is already familiar to me from my summer internship, which is a relief because it’s always good to start where you know you can do it. I will be helping structure the website, make UI user friendly, and other ways to manage content, which, I believe, is one of the many technical communicator’s job tasks.

With this company, I will learn to help make the communication between the website and the end user smoothly as possible. I plan to research a lot of competitor sites, see what works and doesn’t, and apply that to the company.


It is my hope that with these regular postings on this site that we all learn something new. Whether the company succeed or not, what challenges I will face as an intern and as a technical communicator. If I run into some challenges that are probably being faced by other technical communicators, this place will be my first place to go to for support. :]

Now, I must learn more techniques that are effective for time management for those working at home. (A bonus if you can give me a tip or two!)

Also, I am wondering if the job tasks I described are familiar to those on this site? If so, what do you do on a daily basis that help you to communicate more effectively?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Shweta Hardikar

    Hi Tiffany,

    All the best for your new internship. I hope you become a core team member in the new venture :).

  2. Shweta Hardikar

    Hi Tiffany,

    All the best for your new internship. I hope you become a core team member in the new venture :).

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