My Morning Routine!

I normally take my scooter early in the morning to catch the flower vendor on the road side. She would spread her sack on the platform and arrange the roses, lilies and marigolds and jasmine neatly in small heaps. She would normally rate it at five rupees for a heap but would offer three heaps for ten rupees to her regular customers.  The number of flowers in the heap would vary from three to five, depending on the rates in the whole sale market that day. She would also select the good ones for me, since I have been her customer for long. She must be in her late seventies and has a good number of regular customers in her fold.


I have to drive along a road, which is famous for the morning walkers, just because of its calm atmosphere. The gulmohar trees in full bloom spreading their branches over the road,  would provide a cool shade to the walkers. The vegetable vendors selling fresh vegetables in packs, the tender coconut vendor and the lady with her van selling herbal juices. You can also find some marketing personnel, with their make shift umbrellas, distributing pamphlets to the morning walkers. There is a small temple in the middle and it would be a sight to watch people making rounds with their shoes on (normally in India, you have to step into a temple without your slippers or shoes). I would also take a round and stand before the deity in silence with others, praying for a good day ahead.


The old would be walking at a slower pace and they would be in groups, discussing everything from house hold to politics. The ladies would be bargaining with the poor vendors in the morning and spend half their scheduled time with them. The younger ones would have a brisk walk, with the headsets, listening to their favourites. A set of men in the mid forties would be performing some aerobics on the platform. Witnessing these scenarios itself would pump in freshness in me.


Most of them would be known faces. I would normally park my scooter near the flower vendor to have a chat with them every morning. It would be fresh when I return home, since we would have normally shared niceties in the morning. The day would go fresh, with the freshness gained in my morning routine

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