Is technical writing taking you away from your creative instincts?

I am a technical writer for the last three years. As a student of English literature, I think I have come a long way since then. Rather long away. Not that technical writing kills your creativity forever, but it definitely hampers the creative instincts to some extend. A few days back, I suddenly realized that I have become too technical when I speak, when I write. The other day, I was writing a poem. I stopped at a point to add a serial comma.. Did I really do that??? I have kind of forgotten to express my thoughts in a free manner.  When I revisit some of my literature books, at times I find it difficult to relate to some of them.. to relate to those that were my Bible at some point of time.. Technical writing is a special domain of writing. It has rules, industry standards, and limitations. Though it has a defined framework, I do feel to jump outside of it sometimes. So, I have now decided. To unleash my creative writing skills along with technical writing. This blog is a part of that decision. Am I giving a notion that I hate technical writing?? That’s not the case. I do like it. It earns me my bread and butter. However, it fails to satisfy the thirst of my mind.

All of you who agree with me, try deliberately to write something creative regularly. Along with money, we also need some other things for a better living, right?


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