600,000 Years of Content Strategy by Buddy Scalera

Content Strategy and content marketing presentation by Buddy Scalera. Featuring Grok the Caveman. Explore 600,000 years of healthcare storytelling and why it matters today. Delivered to select staff at Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide (http://www.ochwww.com). NOTE: Certain sections edited slightly. Grok (c) 2011 Buddy Scalera and Pat Quinn The original video is available here.

Content Marketing vs. Content Strategy mit Heinz Wittenbrink & Klaus Eck

Flankierend zu unseren internen Diskussionen über die Zukunft des EduMarketings, habe ich mir 2 tolle Content-Experten für ein exploratives Gespräch eingeladen. Zum einen: Heinz Wittenbrink Blogger von Lost & Found und Fachhochschullehrer an der FH Joanneum – baut dort den Studiengang Content Strategie auf. Hier seine Präsentation beim Social Media Club München im letzten Jahr: […]

Technical Writer Interview Questions – BusinessFormTemplate.com

http://www.gocanvas.com/mobile-forms-apps/10906-Technical-Writer-Interview-Questions-BusinessFormTemplate-com This is a set of 10 questions designed to guide HR professionals who are interviewing applicants for a Technical Writer position. Some of the questions are: In what ways do you research a subject before beginning to write about it? How are you at learning new technology? What do you like most-least about technical […]

The History of Technical Writing

Get tips on the future of technical writing here: http://bit.ly/2egmWIE Website http://saiffsolutions.com Webinars page including upcoming webinars and past recordings: http://saiffsolutions.com/home/webinars Webinar suggestion form: http://goo.gl/forms/ISeTmNfqg3XkrlIr2 #TechComm #EmpowerTechWriters #TechWritingOutsourcing #TechWritingPhilippines The original video is available here.

Technical Writing Skills : How to Write a Project Description for a Proposal

Writing project descriptions for proposals or presentations, especially to get funded, requires communicating the description and goals of the project. Write a project description that stays precise and caters to the target audience with advice from a writing specialist in this free video on technical writing. Expert: Laura Turner Bio: Laura Turner received her B.A. […]