Cost Saving Tip: Use An iPod Touch To Document iPhone Apps

by Arnold Burian

The mobile market has been surprised by the rapid increase in popularity of the iPhone. If your organization develops applications for BlackBerry smartphones, you may likely find yourself tasked to document a comparable application for the iPhone.

Although an iPhone simulator is available for screenshots, you must use a Mac and install Xcode. To truly understand the user experience and take pixel perfect screenshots, I recommend installing the application on a real device.

The actual cost of an iPhone can be prohibitive, particularly because of cellular contract requirements. As an alternative, consider using an iPod Touch. There are no cellular contract concerns, and the end user experience is identical to that of the iPhone. (Note that developers do need to account for differences between the various models in their code.)
Furthermore, you may be able to borrow an iPod Touch for your writing assignment; most people are reluctant to lend their iPhones to others. 🙂

Refer to the iPhone User Guide for instructions on taking screenshots on the iPhone or iPod Touch.

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