Posting Guidelines (Please read!)

The following guidelines are in place to help keep Technical Writing World a fun and engaging community. Please read them before you post anything, and thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Be courteous and respectful to other members
We encourage discussion and debate. However, please use manners when engaging in conversations. Flame wars and trolls are annoying, so we ask that you be polite to others, just as you would if you met them at a professional conference.

We welcome courteous conversation, but abusive or rude posts will be edited or deleted from the forum.

Keep private messages private
If you need to say something private to another member, please use the “Send a message” feature on their profile page. Do not post private messages in the forums or other highly visible areas of the community. Be considerate and use discretion when necessary.

Posting content from other websites
If you wish to share something you read elsewhere on the Internet, please just link to it and provide a short description. Do not copy the content and paste it into the Technical Writing World website.

No advertising, please!
Messages that are blatant advertising will be removed. You may link to your professional website from your profile page. If you write a blog post or discussion, and wish to cite relevant information from your own blog or another website, that’s fine. However, the link target must have information that adds to the discussion. Do not link to a site that is just a sales pitch for your products or services.

In other words, don’t spam the forum. If you demonstrate your value to the community by getting involved and contributing valuable information, you are on the right track. If you show up with fake profile information that looks spammy and immediately start adding links to sales pitches, we’re going to oust you like the spammer that you are. If you believe that your ousting was a misunderstanding, feel free to ask us to reconsider; we’re nice folk, and would love to have you in the community if you play by the rules.


Blog posts should be content-rich

Your blog posts should contain at least a few paragraphs of original content so that search engines will not see them as “thin content” pages. Do not write a very short blog post with the sole purpose of linking out to your external site. Instead, write a few paragraphs of interesting material and then include a link to relevant content on your site. A blog post should stand on its own, not just introduce content that is external to the community site.

Use descriptive headings
When you write a blog or post in the forums, please use a descriptive heading. Try to summarize what the discussion is really about. Doing so will improve engagement and make your discussion easier to find.

Keep it clean, please
Do not link to bad neighborhoods (adult content, gambling, weapons, etc.). Also, watch your language, please. Your peers and coworkers are watching, so behave yourselves (within reason). We like fun, but don’t be offensive.

The same goes for any images you post. Try to keep them clean and relevant.

Don’t share personal information
Please do not post any information that was not meant for public display, such as your SSN, credit card numbers, home phone number, or anything else you don’t want abused.

Posting in all caps is rude, and is the equivalent of yelling. Please be civil and tone it down a bit.

Thanks very much for reading and abiding by these guidelines. We all appreciate it!

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